Hi, I'm Ry.
Thanks for droppin' in.

I help to craft visually appealing, user-friendly, accessible websites to help businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Ry Bealey, animated. Smirking while working on a MacBook Pro 16-inch.
2D stylized art, showcasing two big displays in a Lo-fi style environment. Ry's ideal workstation.

Who's that guy? It's Ry.

Multifaceted tech and design professional with over seven years of experience crafting user-centric solutions across server administration, front and back-end development, and website design. My expertise lies in cPanel/WHM, open-source CMS, and diverse programming languages, which enable me to tackle complex technical challenges with ease.

Apple, Inc.
  • Sales Chat Specialist
  • Full-time 路 Mar 2022 to Present

  • EN Apple Support Community Moderator
  • Rotation 路 Aug 2023 to Feb 2024

  • Product Zone Specialist, Apple Domain NORTHSIDE
  • Full-time 路 Sep 2021 to Mar 2022

  • Knowledge Management Specialist
  • Rotation 路 Mar 2021 to Aug 2021

  • Technical Support Advisor
  • Full-time 路 Jul 2018 to Mar 2021

Ecobyte Web Services
  • Sr. DevOps, Web Lead, Client Relations
  • Passion Project 路 Oct 2014 to Present

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